Friday, October 1, 2010

elyssa: the perfect friday

location: toronto

just stopping by to say hello and recount my splendid day. today marks my 2 year anniversary living in my little apartment in the heart of downtown toronto. i can't believe how fast the time has passed.

it was the view that sold me.

but it's the little things that make it home.

anthropologie cabinet knobs (a gift from the boy).

october started off right with an orange monster:

run to your kitchen and make this now: half frozen banana. half cup pumpkin. almond milk. protein powder. tad vanilla extract.

cessy approves.

and yes, i've taken to freezing my bananas (mainly so people dont eat them all when they come over..)

whole foods had a sale on pumpkin!

not the grocery store shelf, but my own pantry.

peppers at a bargain as well.

dal as promised - thrown on a piece of kamut bread.

the air was brisk and cool, so after morning yoga and church —> i put my homework aside and went shopping for new workout clothes.

from the gap: gfast capris + fit tanks in various colors. thank you 30% off coupon - AND from roots: tara tank and what i now believe to be the greatest shirt ever: the batwing top. thus ends my quest for class-friendly gym wear.

a stopover at winners for a discount yoga towel like this one.

last but not least, new boots - the nine west tierney. 30% off. yay.

finishing off the evening with sushi and gossip girl reruns before it's back to the books.

the sushi restaurant down the street from my house is my life. it's the boy and i's go to place - we've been there 100s of times in the 2 short years i've lived here - mostly at 1 am for only a roll or a shared miso soup. if ever i could hope to be recognized as a 'regular', it would be at sushi inn - my 2nd home.

next week is going to be clean week, version 2.0. more on that to come. for now, i'm excited to go do some HIIT downstairs on the treadmill and break in my new workout clothes.

current obsessions: traveling (paris, all of a sudden?). kidney beans. deciding what to do for tomorrow's nuit blanche. regular coffee (i know).

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