on the mind:

italia. summer harvests. yoga flows. heirloom tomatoes. peacocks. farmers markets. dark rimmed and square framed eyeglasses. the evening breeze. almonds. embracing change. balance. (Jul. 18, 2010)

mad men. so you think you can dance. dark chocolate. peanut butter. balsamic vinegar. eastern europe. pumpkin. goat cheese. dried cherries. cinnamon. friends that bring flowers. the larousse gastronomique.(Aug. 31, 2010)

people we watch:

the sartorialist. paolo coelho. claire robinson. michael ruhlman. michael smith. jillian michaels. shiva rea. ani phyo. dr. weil.

things we love:

shape magazine. self magazine. the food network. lara bars. jcrew. piperlime. the daily plate.