about hira

as elyssa and i begin this healthy living blog, i have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is a major step for us---for ten years, we have laughed, screamed, cried and rhymed together---somewhere along the way, growing and shaping ourselves into young women and aspiring professionals. Sitting in our most favorite coffee shop/cafe on the mountain, Nola's, we feel inspired to start this blog as the next step to achieving a personal wellness.

my name is hira and i am a 20 year-old Pakistani-American student activist living in Washington DC. i attend university at University of Maryland 8.5 months out of the year---the remainder being spent either traveling or back on the mountain with my family and best friend, elyssa. it was here that my road to fitness and health really started--as a 14-yr old high school student attending a high-class private Catholic school with an emphasis on athletics. Playing volleyball during summers and falls, and gymming during off-season made me love the endorphins that came with being active.

following high school, i went straight into university---although i continued to exercise regularly at our amazing rec center and gym, too many late night study snacks and dorm floor dinners at the dining halls left me feeling unhealthy. gaining weight and losing weight became a yo-yo like pattern, always swinging to the mountain where i would retreat for a few months to cleanse myself.

i still enjoy the gastronomic lifestyle that is so popular in D.C.---but i am slowly learning how to live. live in moderation and a constant balance. and that is a beautiful thing.