about elyssa

it has been six years since i first left the mountain for school. while my plans and ambitions may lead me away, inevitably, i always return to the mountain when i need to return to myself.

i am a twenty-three year old cuban american woman. miami is where i am from. maryland is where i was raised. montreal is where i grew up. toronto is where i came into my own. when i was fourteen, i decided that i would become a lawyer. i attended mcgill university to study political science, and found the greatest friendships that i could possibly imagine. fitness, however, was never at the top of my list.

i moved to toronto for law school and a tall, blue-eyed boy. i found myself in an alien environment with no social network. there was no roommate to dance around the kitchen with nor friend to drop by for an unexpected tea. yoga became my refuge. in toronto, i have the luxury of being only a five minute jaunt from a top-notch gym. this, plus the constant encouragement of my rugged boy, refueled my quest for wellness.

law school has been no easy path. it would be easier if i knew that the law was still where i want to end up. my longstanding dreams of contributing to a brighter world remain the same, but the form that they will take is uncertain. my time in toronto has resulted in an incredible friendship base, and a strong awareness of my freedom. for now, i am committed to finishing my last year of law school and remaining healthy. i am currently on the hunt for the perfect ngo job upon graduation, and i am hoping to find my way to culinary school once my current loans are paid and my personal life is well under way..

credit where credit is due: the tried and true south beach diet was the catalyst for my initial gusto for healthy living. hira has been my rock. the boy my inspiration. the best friends are my guiding light: one survived a horrific accident, only to get back up and gain newfound physical and mental strength. the other keeps running and playing soccer no matter how much distraction her fabulous new york city life has to offer. with friends like that, i have no choice but to keep on keepin' on.

i am a food lover, have been and always will be. i am not a vegetarian, but i do live in constant terror of the hormones and chemicals that plague our foods. i always try and buy organic, although i am at the mercy of extremely expensive downtown grocery stores. i cook my own meals and exercise vigorously whenever possible. i do strength training and cardio classes, at-home dvds, and can even be persuaded to run up a mountain with the boy. together with hira and other health-conscious friends, i am always looking for another discovery to further my pursuit of the healthiest me.