Tuesday, October 12, 2010

hira: lazy hazy sunday strolls

current location: torino, italia. il mio apartamento (piccolo. molto piccolo).

hello blog world--checking in at the beginning of another week. i have to admit, i spent this weekend pretty much camera-less--choosing instead to walk the streets of torino and just live minimally. saturday and sunday were spent with respective roommates, first summer and then regina. it was a pleasant, relaxed weekend--strolling through via madama cristina for the street fair, via roma, garibaldi, po and piazza della repubblica for shopping and crepes with nutella. yes. visiting sick friends, pastries and chocolates in tow (harry potter taught us that chocolate was good for ailments, remember?)

at Murphy's-- a pub where the world seems to come together. here you will meet students from all over the world.

a lazy brunch at piazza san carlo felice with a good friend and roommate

still trying to spend as much time outside as possible before the weather gets too cold, usually studying my italian lessons--brown leather bag, as requested.

blog moments: emily's root vegetable pie and chili in a pumpkin bowl (seen all over the blogosphere). canadian thanksgivings. chicago marathons (inspiring longer runs).

currently obsessed with:

running a route that takes me over this beautiful bridge at sunset

milano. zara. divine.

Io voglio regalarti la mia vita, Chiedo tu cambi tutta la mia vita

{I want to treat you to my life I ask that you change all of my life}

tizzy, you've got me hooked.

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