Tuesday, October 5, 2010

elyssa: clean week, version 2.0

location: toronto

wondering where you are. the things you've seen. the places you've been. the food you're eating. italy seems both exotic and familiar. maybe that's because i'm writing this sitting in my favorite italian cafe.

fancy coffee day with the law school girls - a weekly tradition

remember when we went there together?

don't worry, in your absence, i'll keep our baby blog alive.

the boy and i had a momentous weekend. on sunday, we hunkered down for 'planning day'. we sifted through our hopes, dreams, and fears for the next 12 months. it was terrifying, but ultimately - rewarding. the day began with muffins - recipe from nutrition nut on the run:

the warmth of pumpkin filled the entire apartment.

and ended with pizza. the boy really enjoyed the 'build your own' aspect :)

girl's pizza: whole foods spelt crust. garlic and thyme infused olive oil. goat gouda. spinach. figs.

boy's pizza: portabello. bell pepper. mozzarella. homemade marinara.

turns out i'm a vegan that eats eggs, goat dairy, and sushi (on a regular basis) - and cream, meat, and poultry (on rare occasion). so, not a vegan - but yea, that's how i choose to self-identify because most of the time i eat like this:

pea and spinach soup from fall soup frenzy I
chia wheat-free bread with nutritional yeast

grilled tofu. homemade marinara. wilted spinach. goat gouda.

planning day was definitely food-heavy - but calories don't seem to factor in on those very special days when the air outside is cold and damp, and inside the mood is warm and happy - cocooned by love.

homemade pumpkin latte.
almond milk. vanilla. dollop of pumpkin - gently heated.
mixed with espresso. more almond milk. foam. cinnamon.

days like that make me feel like this:

thomas kinkade: a cheesy favorite.

new challenge:

thanksgiving (canadian) is around the corner, and seeing that it's the beginning of a new month - i declare this clean week. this clean week is different from the previous incarnation. this week i'm focusing on mindful eating and minimal splurges - without extracting the little pleasures that bring me so much joy in my day to day eating. if i want to drown my breakfast souffle in agave in the morning, so be it. i'm just trying to make sure it all evens out at the end of the day.

i'm happy to report that we're 1 month into school and i'm still maintaining a strong exercise regime. i took a moment to compare my exercise schedule from last september (2009) - and i definitely wasn't hitting up the gym nearly as much as i am now. for my overall health and mental alertness, i do best when i exercise 6 days a week. some days include a rigorous kickboxing session, other just a long drawn out yoga practice - but i need to get my blood flowing each of those 6 days. on the 7th, i rest. completely rest.

september success.

the elliptical as of late has looked unappealing and just all around boring - so i've been incorporating more high intensity interval training (HIIT). i can do this on the treadmill at home, or at the gym. with music, or without. with tv, or without. it just comes naturally, and offers tremendous stress relief. 30 mins total. lately i've preferred 1 minute intervals - 1 of rest. the following as fast as my legs will take me. you look like a maniac that can't sustain a normal running pace for the life of them - but the time passes quickly, and the workout is effective.

current obsessions:

making a huge slow, slow cooked batch of homemade marinara. kidney bean corn soup. yoga with friends. coffee from the french press.

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