Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hira: still mesmerized

location: back home in torino

thanks for keeping the baby blog well-fed, alive and well while i was gone to the italian riviera darling---looking at that photo of us from last spring makes me miss you, the many cups of coffee we have shared together, and the comfort of having you close. thankfully, this blog keeps us more connected than ever--in your memory, i wear those scarves more than one should wear any article of clothing and order many espressi con panna.

i am extraordinarily blessed to be able to experience such a beautiful land and even more blessed with an able and strong body to hike, climb, and run through the mountains, towns and beaches. i completed my journey to santa margherita in increments, stopping along the way to explore the main port city in the north, Genoa. touring the city center took me to open markets, historic churches, royal residency, and panoramic views of the city and harbor..

i had to utilize enormous amounts of willpower to refrain from purchasing everything i saw--it was just all so me--homemade jams, old books and records, prints and paintings. thankfully simona (our amazing program assistant) pulled me away to go look at even prettier things.

we made our way to santa margherita, about an hour from genoa and our home for the next three days---arriving to the coastal town (SMALL town), we check into a quaint little hotel that is located about 3 minutes from the coast--perfect. valeria, sarah and i spent the rest of the day walking around, up and down the streets of santa margherita--stumbling upon little shopping boutiques (because really, we both know that a vacation is incomplete without some shopping), french provincial cafes, ocean-view restaurants, and plenty of gelaterrias (surprise, no?). the liguria region of italia is known for its pesto, focaccia, and seafood. so thats pretty much what i ate over the next few days--lots of cinnamon and yogurt gelato (better than GROM, dare i say?), homemade pizza with capers and anchovies, mussels, shrimp, and pesto focaccia. usually consumed on the beach, standing around in narrow streets, or sitting and facing the crashing mediterranean waves.

i enjoyed many pear and apple almond cakes, berry custard tarts, tiramisus, and caffe. balanced with lots of walking and climbing stairs, hills, and mountains. initially, i felt guilty for 'over-indulging', but then i just shut myself up and enjoyed every bite and every hill. i'm convinced those desserts gave me the energy to hike the cinque terre. people say that the cinque terre is the most beautiful part of italia--i have no doubt. five villages/towns lines the coast along cliffs and mountains--one can either take a train from town to town, or one can choose to hike along the mountains. a bit strenuous because the 'trail' is a constant up and down, up and down; a bit intimidating because the hiking paths line the edge of the mountains and cliffs, a quick glance down can cause one to, at the very least, stumble over the breathtaking beauty and the direct drop down to the sea.

much like yourself, i have been completing HIIT workouts here, 30 minute intervals of running and lots of walking, yoga and stair workouts unknowingly prepared me for a weekend of running around without being the slightest bit sore afterwards. success.

each town brought something new to be discovered--different people--welcoming us with with open arms, nourishment with fruits, lots of water, and coffees, as well as breathtaking views of pastel-colored houses lining the coast and dotting the cliffs,and a lavish history, pride and culture.

paradise. the views, the company, the experience. we will come here together one day.

this week's challenges: keep drinking that water. clean week, italia version: consists of less sweets, more protein. thinking of creative ways to transition my workouts to adapt to the colder weather. i haven't joined a gym yet, forcing myself to take advantage of my surroundings and build strength in my legs. more stair workouts.

current obsessions: relearning spanish. maroon. grill marks on my bread and vegetables. bringing back braids and incorporating them into hairstyles. chic winter wear. vespas.


  1. love. LOVE. the food. the flowers. that brown leather BAG.

  2. I liked your photos and the fact that you were rocking some red Nike Cortez and The Strokes T-Shirt was very dope.

    Keep it up.