Monday, October 25, 2010

elyssa: coming to terms

current location: toronto (mid-way through the fall semester!)

italian truffles. so romantic. so exotic. the challenge of this post - the challenge of this week - is finding the significant in the mundane. in the endless batches of late night muffins. in coming to terms with the fact that sometimes the most exciting outing of the week is a trip to the nicer grocery store up the street. with the fading glory of fall, and long sunless stretches of time. with days missed at the gym. and piles of schoolwork to be tackled. with time spent apart from love ones. with the lack of sleep.

most of this i can't do anything to change. what can i do? take in, absorb, and love the beautiful surroundings and friends that have been placed before me. it ain't italia - but canada isn't so bad..

i haven't gotten excited for halloween since about 1995 (we were compelled, after all, to dress up as saints all through grade school. remember that?). perhaps that killed some of the seasonal fun ;)

i still don't get excited for halloween. i do, however, have a perpetual obsession with pumpkins.

and squash.

the result: recipeless butternut squash soup. roasted. olive oil. garlic. salt. blended. almond milk. yum.

next up, carrot pumpkin spelt muffins to be shared over tea with friends on a cold and windy night. recipe courtesy of angela!

and, another cold and windy friday night in with the boy, spent hovering over the stove making pumpkin butter! also, thanks to angela..

as soon as i get ahold of more ginger and lemon - must make more pumpkin butter! oh and lest i forget, huge moment, the boy finally tried his first breakfast souffle, and loved it, naturally..

his and her's

new challenge:

getting enough sleep. that is all!

blog moment: michael ruhlman 'has something to say' about cooking

current obsession: sleeping.

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  1. i haven't been able to convince felix to try the breakfast souffle. i've tried and tries, but, it doesn't matter, he still thinks it looks like puke. so, congratz on getting mikey to give it a go.