Tuesday, November 2, 2010

hira: old friends, sharing experiences

current location: USAC lounge, listening to David Guetta (the italian taste in music is clearly getting to me)

hoping your last reading week is going swimmingly, my dear--and that you do all of the hira-elyssa usuals in my absence. make some great memories. i know i am :)

farrah came to visit this weekend. language house, shared apartments, and many meetings of the 'fresh-air club' later, we meet again--in italia. there was something comforting and familiar about having her around, but at the same time, there was lots of adventure and new things to show her. i loved being able to share my life and my experiences with such a close friend, and the weekend ended with a nostalgic vibe...

farrah and i through the years---

i took her to all of my favorite places in torino--the discos, restaurants, the piazzas, the parks, the markets---all in all, a full gastronomical weekend. we ate plenty of gelato, got ourselves lost among the small streets, stumbled upon random, grand churches, and spent a lot of time at Murphy's ;)

enjoy these photos for now---i'll be busy eating carrots and lettuce leaves for the rest of my life. detoxing.

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  1. I want to visit!!!! AHHH It's so pretty there!