Sunday, November 28, 2010

hira: they DO have turkeys in italia

current location: pane & amore, staring out the windowpane at the first snowfall of the season.

we both know that the values and traditions that come with the thanksgiving holiday should be practiced daily---nonetheless, i have so much for which i am thankful this year. my first thanksgiving spent away from home in Maryland proved to be a success.

currently thankful for:

my mom who will clean my room for me even when im not there and will shop for me, placing things on my bed that will await my return, my hardworking father, my best friend who shares this blog with me and still loves me 10 years later, my friends around the world that have tuned into extended family, the opportunity to live and study in italy for the semester, common sense, christmas lights, international students, creamy cappuccinos, torino's public transportation, black opaque tights, the ability to appreciate solitude, the love of company, a working washing machine, friends who will travel across continents for visits, the fact that GROM stays open in the winter months, amazing people who will cook turkey for me, great directors turned friends (and their patience), a body that bounces back after indulgent meals or exercise-less weeks, a warm bed, a full fridge, my parents trust, and my faith that keeps me composed.

forty pounds of turkey. so starts thanksgiving.

the usual sides: potatoes, corn, salad, stuffing.

initially, i thought to myself--'i wish i was home, so that i could eat sweet potatoes, and spelt pumpkin bread, and quinoa.' and then i thought of something Hannah wrote to me "if you make everywhere your home, then you never are homesick". besides, having food and laughter in a safe place--what else could i ask for?

no pumpkin pie. in italia, we are served tiramisu. i'll take it.

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