Wednesday, November 10, 2010

hira: back to basics

current location: torino, italia. chugging water. really.

your week in the city looks fabulous--candles 79 sounds so familiar. proud (but not surprised in the least) that you went to a vegan restaurant and didn't feel like you were missing out. you look lovely.

i'm trying to recall the last week--what i have been doing, with whom i have been, places i've seen. it frightens me that it all seems like one long night at Murphy's. i guess i've been frequenting the usual places along vittorio emanuele a little too often this past week or so--while i've met some amazing people from italy, norway, ireland---i can't help but feel a bit sloppy.

what a horrid word.

steps i will take to revive the very reasons for coming to torino:

1. long walks. the weather is not that bad. the leaves are colorful. and air is crisp.
2. rediscover the joy in cooking for myself. slowly.
3. practice my italian with my friends, even if they want to practice their english. go to the states.
4. shop. shoes. (this is important, not so much for the product, but for the act that involves wandering. i like to wander).

current obsessions: mushrooms, sauteed with balsamic, garlic and onion. plated with a rustic guacamole--simple, filling lunches. shawls in place of jackets during fall transition.

grateful that i have friends who share a love of traveling and learning--thinking of you often, and living your adventures as well as mine. egypt, guatemala, austria, italia.

for the weekend: hiking. parks. gardens. lots of yoga.

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  1. Sigh. I miss traveling. I miss public water fountains in Italy..