Sunday, November 7, 2010

elyssa: five days in new york city

location: back in canada

i took fall reading week as an opportunity to head down to nyc. eat good food. drink good coffee. keep good company. and lastly, get in some good studying. the eating, drinking, and frolicking most definitely happened. the studying? not so much.

i got rained out. rain can be a serious morale killer. especially when every single book you're carrying gets drenched. and even more so, when you're standing on the street drenched down to your undergarments. thrilling, let me assure you..

i took the dismal weather as a sign from the heavens to shut the books and take the time to regroup. my days consisted of long walks alone through crowded streets and empty parks, with stops at hidden bookstores and many a starbucks.

outside looked like this:

inside, however, looked like this:

whole foods became my refuge. i went 3 times! traipsing through the beautiful columbus circle location and checking out all the goodies not found on canadian shelves immediately lifted my spirits.

indian food from the hot bar!

a mini fall cupcake!

seasonal lara bars!

honey roasted peanut butter!

blood orange chocolate!

i was in heaven. with food in my belly, even the grim outdoors became beautiful. lincoln center looked gorgeous in the twilight downpour.

with a change in mood, came a change in weather. sure enough, sunny skies for the remainder of my stay!

i started off one morning with yoga near bryant park at yoga to the people - an amazing, donation based yoga company with studios across the country. after walking 60+ blocks the day before, yoga was absolutely necessary..

yoga was my only formal exercise for the trip - but walking all day left my limbs feeling like they'd clocked several hours at the gym.

an emergency slim pret provided much needed energy on occasion..

some street nuts gave me the stamina for another 20 blocks or so..

long days left me craving a late night dinner of tofu and veggies at the zen palate..

and on my last day (joined by my mom!) - we walked a monumental 75 blocks and 12 avenues. darting through marathon runners gearing up for the big day (new york marathon - 45,000 runners!!)

our destination: candle 79. dare i say it?

candle 79 is my new favorite nyc restaurant.

and its vegan. oh my.

butternut squash wild mushroom crepe with beet salad and polenta fries.

antioxidant potion - sparkling water. concord grapes. blueberries. lemon. mint. ginger. agave.

freebie baby muffin.

tea and agave.

new goals:

now it's back to school and to the books for a grueling 3 more weeks. new york put me in a holiday state of mind..

christmas windows!

christmas cups!

..even with christmas on its way, the goal du jour is to stay focused. eat healthy. keep gymming and yogaing my way to sanity. study with purpose.

for the first time in forever i haven't been sick in months. must be the yoga. i shall keep yogaing.

i have the boy's birthday festivities and then thanksgiving around the corner. will be devising a bit of a clean week in anticipation of all the holiday frenzy. more on that soon.

current obsessions:

my new anthro turtle cardigan (dont judge, i love turtles). dreaming up thanksgiving dishes. christmas lights.

with love.


  1. Just dropping in to say I read and I think your blog is super cute! I would love to go back to NYC.

  2. thanks :) we'll be sure to stop by yours as well!