Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hira: gypsies drink coffee too

currently: further procrastinating my italian cinema homeworks. sipping a macchiato.


what a concept. in high school, i used to religiously drink starbucks and port city java coffees and lattes before or after school---coffee dates were trendy. since then, i had drastically cut back in favor of more gentle teas.

now that i'm in italia, caffe is never far from my reach. bars (not american bars that feature solely alcohol; it italy, a bar refers to a coffeeshop) are found on every corner and are often filled with regulars, stopping in for a caffe and a quick chat.

my friend mihai, originally romanian but now lives and studies in torino, works at his family bar in the evenings--i sometimes go there just to hang out, do some reading, and drink plenty of macchiatos, cappuccinos, and before-dinner aperitivos.

mihai, probably making me a macchiato, as he generously offers me plenty of drinks whenever i come by

evening lull, we close the bar and enjoy some music, drinks, and conversation before leaving to meet other friends

planning my life. lists. always.

this week is looking quite busy, but full of wondrous celebrations, and i am thrilled to be able to spend the beginning of the holiday season here in italia. birthdays and thanksgiving--i have a lot for which i am thankful.

and so it begins...

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