Tuesday, October 19, 2010

elyssa: a tribute to change

current location: toronto

stagnation. class. gym. sleep. repeat x 100. it's definitely time for a change.

all is well on the home front - things are just a little bit boring.

a shame since the city is in full fall bloom.

my daily walk to school is filled with color..

and my daily coffee is even showing early signs of christmas..

spicy tomatillo salsa at home:

and warm, brown sugar cinnamon spelt loaf (adapted from a veganized version of jenna's muffins):

..and yet something is off. we love the mountain because it forces us out of these ruts. long country walks. time to think. when routine gets in the way of my health - i know it's time to stop. adjust. tweak. the plan to bring the mountain here:

- take a strength training hiatus.
- bring back 'banish fat boost metabolism' for a 20-minute AM pick-me-up.
- join the boy on daily plate for solidarity.
- keep experimenting with spelt (haven't quite perfected spelt baking).
- plan a reading week vacation.
- sleep more. study more. enjoy the dwindling days of academia.

today i took a moment to acknowledge all the change that has made its way into my life:

i now bake entirely vegan.
i now bake, period.
i practice yoga 4, 5 x times a week (versus 1 x last year)
i exercise 6 days a week (versus 3 last year)
i now consider yoga a workout.
i sleep 8hrs most nights.
i go to school in my yoga clothes (versus changing a million times)

i still beat myself up when i miss a workout. will change.

blog moment: falling in love with jessica's fashion blog

current obsessions:

envisioning thanksgiving dinner. getting outta town asap. this spelt brownie cake. cutting the grocery bill to the bare minimum. more HIIT.

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