Sunday, October 24, 2010

hira: truffle honey, aged cheese, and breathtaking landscapes--alba.

location: back at pane e amore, my blogging station and armed with a foamy cappaccino.

a day-trip to Alba spanned out over my Saturday morning and afternoon, taking us along winding country roads to a small town with big goods--the famous white truffles. people come from all over to bid on these prized beauties; the intensity of the flavor used for a variety of things--honey, pasta dishes, jams, spreads, etc.

a quick stroll through the markets, paninis and morning caffe in tow, and we headed to the main event: the truffle fair! it featured wines (piemonte is known for its famous reds), whole truffles, and products using the truffle (honey, cheeses, jams, meats etc) as well as local entrepreneurs showcasing their handmade goods.

it was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, tasting my way through the fair with sarah and valeria. of course, i didn't emerge empty-handed either...

local. always.

two angels.

my mom's birthday (same day as katelyn :) ) is today, and one of her gifts came from this man and his wife--a hand-made cutting board. dark wood, earthy fragrances, and personally engraved.

and lastly. we meandered over to a castle, renovated to host tours and teach us even more about the inner workings of wine making and use of truffles. it was everything a castle should be, i guess--cold and dusty with narrow staircases. sitting atop a hill overlooking a beautiful landscape.

and this one is for you, daniele, love of my life ;)

looking forward to cooking dinner in my apartment tonight. it's the simple things.

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