Tuesday, September 28, 2010

elyssa: the dark and stormies

location: rainy toronto

midweek check-in:

this week brought the death of a loved one. rain and wind. a sense of uncertainty persists - and yet, the view from my window shows a twinge of yellow in the trees.

change is in the air. hope.

but most of the week - it's been looking like this.

and, apparently, i'm an herb killer.

feeling the start of a cold coming on. i'm taking it as an invitation to spend obscene amounts of time on the couch.

pile on as many plaid blankets as i can find.

never let the tea pot go empty.

..and eat lots of apples because i only like apples in the fall. and i only like apples sliced.

when life is dark and stormy, i feel like i am presented with a choice. let the storm wreak its havoc - return to old habits, indulge in self-pity, eat mindlessly. or settle in with a book - wait it out. i choose option b.

then the unexpected occurs: a postcard arrives from a far off corner of the world. a simple note reminds me that outside the dark place i've created for myself - the greater world goes on.

a postcard from nepal. a bag of lentils in the cupboard. time for nepali dal soup? i sense the return of fall soup frenzy. only good things can come of this. either the simple act of chopping and stirring, freezing and storing lifts my gloomy mood - or the blues linger on, and i can settle down a little longer on the couch, a cup of steaming soup in hand..

blog moment: a flash of inspiration from the front burner's vegan mushroom cream sauce

current obsessions: finding more workout clothes (ie anything class-friendly that doubles as gym gear). stirrup leggings (don't judge). the return of grey's anatomy. this vest.

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  1. Glad you're dealing with it the right way. I've been known to give into emotional eating, which really never solves the problem (just makes it worse). Feel better!!! :)