Monday, September 6, 2010

hira: in questi giorni dolci (these sweet days)

ok so the stable internet is still a no-go...but i missed you too much to NOT post. clearly, i had to resort to stealing internet signals (weak signals) from the sweet neighbors who brought me some dolci and bowls. they obviously love me. the feeling is mutual and i let them know it by..ummm..taking their advice and eating gelato, pizza, and most importantly, the pasta. we'll get to the food in a minute. i know that's what you're most interested in, but let me humour you for a bit and show you a bit of my daily life now.

i know we discussed my motivations and attitudes regarding this study abroad before leaving; these days, this feeling has intensified. it has only been three days in italia, and i have been strolling along piazzas and thinking about the next four months and what i want it to mean for me. overall, i came here for myself. to rediscover the sweetness of life. to slow down and enjoy my food, my surroundings, and myself. i don't have many 'urgent' expectations--things i NEED to 'see' or places i NEED to visit--rather, i want to experience..well, everything. my gelato, my apartment, my river po, my daily morning espresso. i am slowing down and living the way i have always wanted: simply. this is the italian way. and now, it is my way.

first things first, check these views:

from one balcony: i love the little houses nestled within the mountain. swiss alps in the distance.

..and the other balcony on the opposite side of the apartment--what a difference!

so i typically start my day puttering around my tiny (perfect) apartment:

then, as much as i can function without coffee, i stumble out into the street:

and stop for my morning espresso. usually i stand at the bar, take my caffe back in one go, drop some coins on the counter and 'ciao ciao' my way out the door. if i'm feeling frisky, i'll sit down outside and stare at the mountains. if im feeling really frisky, i go for an espresso doppio (double espresso). italians will tell you that it is most definitely sacrilegious to drink anything but a cappuccino in the morning (but clearly only before 11 am, or else you're just confused and american). espresso reminds me of turkish coffee--something i love--and so it be damned, i will have my espresso:

i haven't really started school yet, and i'd much prefer to wander around aimlessly and get myself hopelessly lost among via garibaldis, via genovas, and via giagliones.

sometimes, i will meander back to another apartment (in which some other students live) and help cook a dinner, sit on the balcony and look over the city:

of course, i like to venture back out to my favorite gelaterria--GROM. per favore, un gelato piccoto, yogurt. molto buono.

and with this, my darling, i leave you to go visit the panne lady down the street. clean week, in terms of both exercise and eats, sounds good. im doing a clean semester for my soul.

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  1. things i need to know:

    do you have a roommate?
    is it true that nobody sits down when they drink coffee in italy?