Wednesday, September 22, 2010

elyssa: my yoga teacher sat on me

location: toronto

..and i liked it. after morning class at the law school, i made my way to my favorite yoga class of the week - a particularly brisk ashtanga session. i bravely wore my yoga clothes to school - and despite some awkward looks - made it out unscathed. fyi, lawyers don't do casual.

you know when you're in downward dog and your heels are almost flat on the ground but not quite? well, the instructor decided to remedy the situation by sitting/laying on my inclined back. utterly priceless.

midweek check-in:

school is rough. i should know this after 6 years of university - but the beginning of fall term always takes some getting used to. i'm already swamped, stressed, and overwhelmed - but determined to get my sleep in, exercise daily, and eat healthy meals.

in many ways, life these days is all about uncertainty. uncertainty as to which class i'll be in tomorrow. uncertainty as to where i'll be living come june. my professional/academic life has never been so uncertain - and yet the certainty that i am loved and cared for has never been more present.

in these uncertain times, i gravitate toward comfort food.

kamut bread with sliced banana and chocolate 'pudding' (ie cocoa, avocado & agave)

i make fast and flavorful dinners.

chickpeas thrown into curried lentils (from fall soup frenzy I) nutritional yeast, cilantro

agave glazed tofu, soy sauce, frozen butternut squash, wilted spniach

i drink green monsters like my life depends on it.

spinach, almond milk, cocoa powder, 1/2 frozen banana, protein powder, chia seeds

and i continue to freeze and store, freeze and store batch after batch of soup.

the most incredible recipe. i left mine chunky (partially due to laziness, partially to a personal preference for chunk) - ohh so good.

i'm sure this last year as a full-time student will bring highs and lows, stresses and triumphs - but for now, i'll just keep making soup.

current obsessions:

roasted garlic. roasted anything. finding the perfect lorelai gilmore puffer vest. obsessively watching the leaves for signs of fall color.

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