Sunday, August 1, 2010

elyssa: home from vacation

location: back on the mountain

week in review:

last week's goal - staying healthy on vacation - successfully accomplished! miami with the boy and the fam definitely benefited my overall health and fitness. long beach swims. conscious eating. bidaily workouts. its tough merging exercise styles with the boy, but we managed with a combination of shared and separate time at the gym. jillian michael's 30 day shred carried me through when the elliptical looked less than appealing. night time yoga sessions from's free printouts kept us limber and motivated.

the two week beach vacay came with its fair share of downfalls as well. one particularly unhealthy meal at the cheesecake factory prompted a frenzied midnight elliptical burst. tears were shed. lesson learned, however; a lack of moderation is never the solution. so i ate too much, exercising too much can be just as detrimental to my body - and to my psyche. looking back, im proud that we exercised every day and still enjoyed many a delicious cuban meal.

new challenge:

summer is coming to an end and there is no way im going to be able to keep up this pace in the school year. so my current challenge is to enjoy the results i have achieved, and at the same time to make the best of our remaining days on the mountain to see more improvements by the time school rolls around. for now, its full steam ahead.

- replace 30 day shred (daily) with jm's no more trouble zones + shaun t's insane abs (alternating days)
- make the effort to focus on specific muscle groups - moving away from arms and legs, focusing on back and abs
- commit to making the first week of every month 'clean week' - roughly modeled on the clean diet smoothie plan
- try 5 new raw diet recipes - paving the way for special 'raw days' each week

current obsessions:

heirloom tomatos. cabbage. mad men. j crew.

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