Sunday, August 22, 2010

elyssa: greetings from toronto

location: my downtown apartment (toronto, ontario)

week in review:

how do you review a week that almost didn't exist? my last week at home was marked by apathy and detachment. not good; however, im pleased to report that food was not the bandaid to my wounds. no emotional eating here! as i packed my bags and soaked in the last hours of mountain sun, i thought to myself 'wow. this place ain't half bad'. (yes, the ain't is necessary in mountain-talk.) i'll miss the peace. the tomatoes. the basil. the time it takes to get to the grocery store. everything on the mountain is slow..and i like it that way.

i was really happy that my last week at home was not marked by deprivation. in previous years, i'd use that time as an opportunity to shrink as rapidly as possible. not this year. i ate normally, even indulged in a bit of homemade zucchini bread. on the car ride up, i munched on fresh hummus and carrots. i was so proud of myself for saving the lara bar i bought for the trip 4 days before to enjoy on the road! we arrived and promptly headed to our favorite mexican restaurant with the boy. i made an off-the-menu request (this is key!!) for sautéed chicken (essentially the innards of a fajita - sans tortilla) - and extra pico de gallo (tomato salsa) on the side. excellent choice.

today was the first of many social events coming up - a going away party for a dear friend. i sampled some hummus (a current fave), alongside a kidney bean salad, and a bunch of grapes. a piece of dark chocolate replaced a slice of farewell cake. i had my moments of weakness (not that i thought i was going to eat anything 'bad' - i'm simply not attracted to those things - but i feared i would begin to eat mindlessly). i took a moment to head upstairs, calm myself, remember my goals, think of this partnership, and head back down with my commitment to health firmly intact.

new challenges:

the next few weeks are lacking in structure since school has yet to start. i expect to be back and forth from here to the boy's house (1 hr away) and spending time with my dad while he is still in the city. so my current challenge is to somehow maintain a strong exercise regime and conscious eating mindset, while slowly backing off from some of the very time consuming health habits that i acquired on the mountain.

- make sunday the day for planning out a reasonable exercise regime for the week
- maintain morning and evening exercise balance
- allot sufficient time for short, frequent yoga practices scattered throughout the week
- continue recording calorie intake (back at school, i'm most vulnerable to excessive eating)
- increase green tea consumption (hydration!!)
- enforce mandatory 8 hour sleep schedule

current obsessions:

my sparkly new macbook pro, planting an indoor herb garden, planning this thursday's dinner partay

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