Sunday, August 8, 2010

hira: pre-fasting "fasting"

location: mountain (25 days and counting until departure for italia!)

current goal: no late-night grazing; desperate attempts to stop eating at 7 pm. and therefore ensure that i am properly nourished throughout the day to prevent PM binges.

week in review: all was well and dandy on mountain and in D.C. as these days, i am splitting my time between home (mountain) and working at a TA (D.C.). as much as the mountain fits the summer scene, its been a pleasantry to have some days away---visiting friends, delicious restaurants, a combination of well-known and yet to be discovered places.

unfortunately, an incident with my tooth left me puffed up, swollen, and unable to eat anything but yogurt and green monsters for four days---it could be worse :) in previous times, i would have been panicking at the thought of no exercise for four days---exercise only 'counting' as at least two hours at the gym---but these days, i take this hiatus as an opportunity to treat myself to long mountain walks, mindful eating and lots of writing; a sort of detox if you will. a pre-fasting 'fast'. Ramadan is three days away. goals for the month,as well as an explanation, to come soon.

new challenges: green monsters every morning this week. at least four creative salad lunches. three long walks. continue eating enough during the day.

as per usual, obsessed with: frozen yogurt (i chose to eat this when the dentist told me i could only eat ice cream, pudding and apple sauce- ha ha) and drinking water from glass jars.

here's to another healthy and growth-filled week. cheers my darling.



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  1. excellent point about the non-freaking out about the gym hiatus - i'm proud :)