Sunday, August 8, 2010

elyssa: they're called 'challenges' for a reason

location: my mountain home (14 days until toronto)

week in review:

if i was writing this in a worse mood - i'd say: i failed. completely. clean week didn't materialize exactly as i'd envisioned. while i was able to eat pretty much only 'whole' foods and avoid processed substances, i needed to eat. A LOT. i fight to remind myself that this is because i succeeded - i exercised vigorously and enjoyed every second of it. i mean it, this past week, exercise was a joy. the hardcore interval training class at the Y whipped me into high gear on monday and friday, along with 3 kickboxing classes and alternating abs/weight lifting at home courtesy of jillian michaels and shaun t.

oh and completing the MPRE (one part of the bar exam) on friday may have had something to do with it. although i may not have passed the exam, i was pleased with the energy i put into it. that said, there were several late night melba toast incidents that i regret. my theory to explain 'guilty' eating is as follows: i dont feel guilty for eating a delicious biscuit or chocolate torte provided that my mental attitude corresponds to the act of eating a luxury food item. for instance, this week my mom and i dined at 'volt' - the fancy top chef restaurant in town - and i downed said biscuit and torte without any guilt in sight. that melba toast at night, however? fraught with guilt. why? because i ate it with shame. i ate it, not wanting to eat it. and that is what we're gonna have to work on avoiding.

new challenge:

needless to say, my current exercise regime will not be sustainable once school starts. for now, ill keep up the pace - but the new goal is to always eat in proportion to how much i burn. how much my body needs. never over, never under. the theme for the following week is vegan. i want to give it a try. i attempted today, but the necessary evils of dining out got in the way. i should write a book: 'my 7 hours as a vegan'..but seriously, tomorrow i try again..

- restrict breakfast calories to have more to spare in the evening (400, 450?)..i'm a breakfast person..
- no eating after 9 (i hate that icky morning feeling)
- devise a full-proof strategy for recovering from a 'guilty' moment (i read this in self magazine - the next day: eat enough, eat clean, drink lots, extra fiber etc)
- stay healthy but ENJOY myself on my upcoming 2 day mini NYC VACAY!

current obsessions: my new navy blazer with suede elbow patches, homemade gazpacho, yogurt face masks, dark chocolate covered orange peel

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