Thursday, August 26, 2010

hira: recovery mode

location: mountain home, last week---6 days until departure to italia!

week in review: this is my last week on the mountain, and then im jetting off to torino, italy where i will be spending four months exploring, eating, hiking, and maybe a bit of studying :D it's still a bit of a dream, like a faraway adventure that hasn't quite surfaced. i'm sure it will materialize once i'm eating my first gelato :P

my last week or so in Maryland has brought multiple delicious moments with friends, old and new. i've learned to appreciate those moments without constantly thinking about every morsel i place in my mouth--for example, i picked up half a dozen cupcakes from the infamous Georgetown Cupcake ( on my way to D.C. to have a dinner with some greta friends. That night, i broke into this:

you can't tell me i have to leave my beloved D.C. without one last cupcake. i had to wait in line with my friend diana for a good 30 minutes (which is actually no time at all for georgetown cupcake) to get my hands on these delicious cakes. you should definitely stop by if you're in D.C.---or actually anywhere in the DMV.

don't worry--i have't been eating cupcakes all day long. but im not opposed to the idea. i've actually been a bit of a madwoman, chopping tomatoes all day long in a desperate attempt to squeeze out the last bit of summer in the states. who knows what ind of produce italia will bring, but im excited to find out. i will keep you fully informed of my farmers market findings.

new challenges: well im kind of taking a break because i forgot how much Ramadan takes out of me...along with several other things that have come up this time around. but i do have a rough plan of how i will be eating in italy--i want to go back to eating small meals/substantial snacks four or five times a day--or whenever i'm hungry. i find it works better for my metabolism and energy.

is it weird that one of the things im most excited about in italy is the FOOD. and people watching :D

i'm off to do very american things. ciao!


  1. hiii! It's soo awesome that you are from MD as well. I was at Georgetown Cupcake last month and I waited over an hour!!!

    You will LOVE Italy. Don't worry about food at all! You will spend tons of time walking and hiking and fill up on carbs. It will be amazing! I hope Ramadan is going well for you- I start classes tomm and I am slightly worried, I am writing this comment at 4:28am and I have to be up by 10am... this is going to go SO well. NOT!
    Anyways I am done rambling for now :)
    P.s are you on twitter? follow me @superrsana :)

  2. haha no, im not! but EVERYONE tells me to get a twitter---i feel like one more social networking extravaganza will put me over the edge. it may happen with time though...

    can i just say how WEIRD it is to go to campus and not be a student, not be going to class etc? AHHH IM LEAVE TOMORROW!!!