Friday, August 20, 2010

hira: see you at christmas

location: the mountain home (departure for italia in 12 days!!)

week in review: today i said goodbye to my best friend for the seventh summer in a row, as she goes back to finish her third and final year of law school--filled with strength and a beauty that just keeps growing, i know she'll be just alright. luckily, we have this shared blog to keep us connected despite the distance :)

so ramadan is almost halfway over, and i can definitely see progress: no post-sunset binges and stomachaches; now that is something to take note. before i went to elyssa's to say goodbye, i cooked dinner at home for myself and my family. such simple, fresh ingredients made for a delicious and satisfying dinner. the still-warm zucchini bread with tea at elyssa's house just put me over the edge.

...i guess i should have stopped at one piece?

this week, i made some important fitness purchases for italy: a new yoga bag (actually a gift from my friend sana), a resistance band, and Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones. i've seen this dvd all over the blog world, and i know elyssa has recently tried the workout as well, and i've concluded that it should be a good strength conditioning supplement to what hopefully will be a yoga and gym-filled semester abroad. i called the resident director in charge of my study abroad program (University Study Abroad Consortium- USAC) and she informed me that there would be a gym at the university of torino, where i will be studying. but she rather strongly hinted at looking elsewhere if i wanted class options and variety in exercise equipment--and of course, we like our class options. i want my yoga, my kickboxing, my body pump etc. i get bored easily.

new challenges: mini boot camps before i go to sleep (jumping jacks, burpees, abs etc)

current obsessions: medjool dates filled with maranatha's dark chocolate almond butter--so filling. a good pre-workout snack, the energy boost is very concrete. suede sneakers.

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